About Us

About Us

PDC Cleaning Services Ltd is a leading eco-friendly cleaning company in the UK. We are based in Aberdeen and take pride in being the most reliable, affordable and perfect solution for a cleaner and healthier home and office. As a full service environmentally-friendly cleaning company, we cater to both residential and commercial needs. We also offer waste management services and flooring and tiling services.

With a mission to provide excellent service without harming and polluting the environment and a vision to create a better, safer and greener earth, we offer supreme standards of cleaning that are completely environment-friendly. We use fully organic and green products. Our trained and professional cleaners use the most advanced equipment and adhere to the highest standards to ensure a neat, clean and germ-free environment at home or the office.

Be it children or adults, anyone of any age group can suffer from allergies or asthma due to chemicals. Many regular cleaning products contain chemicals and toxic elements that are extremely harmful for health. Constant exposure to these elements can affect your health by making you susceptible to allergies, headaches and respiratory problems. Also, the continuous use of such cleaning products can reduce the durability of your furniture, carpets and upholstery. In such situations, choosing eco-friendly cleaning is the best option.

At PDC Cleaning, we are committed to contributing towards creating a better, safer and greener environment. Since our inception, we have been consistent in using only eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment that help to keep your indoors sparkling clean as well as prevent health risks by minimising exposure to chemicals.

With an affordable, efficient and professional eco-friendly home cleaning service, we make sure that your loved ones can enjoy a clean and safe household. Our cost-effective and environment-friendly office cleaning service is aimed at aiding you in offering your employees a healthy, clean and safe working atmosphere.

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